If You're Playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Turn Off The Minimap

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If You're Playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Turn Off The Minimap

"Breath Of The Wild" storyline which follows a familiar theme that has been applied to nearly 20 years of different "Zelda" role playing games. Once they are defeated, you'll be gifted a heart container.

Nature isn't always so pleasant, mind you. Not only is Breath of the Wild set to be a massive hit, Business Insider claims that the game is a good enough reason to buy the new Nintendo Switch console. If you're not making much noise, you're not making much noise. You can also change the HUD mode from Normal to "Pro".

The Goddess Statue locations are not as apparent as other places, but the one in Kakariko Village is the easiest to get to, especially after unlocking the Shrine nearby so you can fast travel to it. You'll have to figure out what works and what doesn't for the new bosses as you'll no longer unlock a go-to item for them. In his preview hands-on at GameSpot, Peter Brown explained that Link has to worry about getting too cold on snowy mountains and that if you don't have the stamina to make it across a lake, you'll drown.

They also showed the messages sent to the development team once Nintendo chose to not only release the game as a cross-platform title with the Wii U, but also to have it launch with the Switch. Breath of the Wild has some new ideas that you're going to want to get your head around in the opening hours, and it's probably a good idea to have a few assists while you get used to the game.

These references aren't so in-your-face that Zelda newcomers will feel left out, mind you. This isn't the first time a Zelda game has gotten ideal marks with the publication.

For the fans, though, some of the callbacks will have you grinning away to yourselves. You first need to earn the trust of the locals just to approach each Beast. That's the 2003 entry in the series that came out for the GameCube.

The fact that it isn't just "go here, do this, then do this" from the opening title to the closing credits ensures that Breath Of The Wild keeps you busy with loads of different things to see and do. The graphics are somewhat cel-shaded, but the team opted for a semi-realistic world as opposed to Wind Waker's full-on cartoon look because it better communicates to players what is possible in the environment.

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