Apple is reportedly going to change the iPhone charging cables ... again

The report goes on to say that there will be no home button which comes as no surprise. If the sources are correct, then Apple will follow rivals like Samsung with a curved OLED display for its new "iPhone 8". None of the features are new to the users who have used brands other than Apple.

If this report is true, Apple could be setting itself up for a different iPhone ecosystem than what existed since the beginning. But a disadvantage of the upcoming iPhones having a USB-C port is that some of the Lightning cables and vehicle chargers that Apple users already own could end up becoming useless.

While much of the report focuses on the likelihood that Apple will be using a flexible OLED screen for at least one of the upcoming phones, as previously rumored, the nugget about the Lightning port might be the bigger news.

Technically, it would be possible for Apple to hedge its bets here: there is enough room in an iPad for the company to include both a Lightning and USB-C socket.

Lightning is compact, supports USB 3.0, and now that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus don't have traditional 3.5 mm headphone jacks, is the only way to connect wired headphones.

The device could list as a premium option alongside iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and is expected to sell upwards of a $1,000.

Without a doubt, staying with Lightning is a thing that Apple should and must do for the iPhone 8, and going for USB-C would only cause more criticism and frustration in its user base. Meanwhile, some of Apple's competitors, including Samsung (ssnlf), have offered curved screens in their high-end handsets.

The move would obviously make plenty of sense. In some cases, these accessories have been around for just a couple of years-even by Apple's standards, that would be an aggressive replacement cycle.

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However, USB-C cables are slowing becoming standard on phones, tablets and computers (including Apple's MacBooks).

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