Trump Pick for Envoy to Israel to Face Grilling Over Peace Plan

In the letter, they quote Friedman explaining the two-state solution, [which President Trump has pushed aside] as being "an illusory solution" and that [he dares] to openly support "West Bank settlements".

The letter opposing Friedman's nomination was signed by Thomas Pickering, William Harrop, Edward Walker, Daniel Kurtzer and James Cunningham.

The diplomatic strategy, which envisions an Israeli nation and a Palestinian nation living side by side, has been the cornerstone of US policy since the Clinton administration, although Trump said Wednesday that he is willing to abandon it if Israel and the Palestinians can produce a better plan.

The stress they all "care deeply about Israel" as the US' major ally in the Mideast, but cite Mr. Friedman's political views as rendering him unsuited for the high-level diplomatic post. "If Israel is to carry on as a democratic, Jewish nation, respected internationally, we see no alternative to a two-state solution". The Palestinians seek both territories, captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, for their hoped-for state. He then said the no longer necessarily committed to a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, saying he would accept any arrangement worked out by the parties. How does Friedman accomplish this numerical legerdemain?

Friedman's pro-annexationist views, however, are unsurprising for someone who so passionately self-identifies with Israel's settler movement. We, members of the Jewish community of western MA, will be doing so, and urge anyone who supports peace and Israel's future to do the same. "Until that becomes the primary consideration for development, how can we expect to be taken seriously that this is our land?" "Anybody that wants to say the United States doesn't support a two-state solution, that would be an error".

Not only is Friedman a vociferous supporter of Israeli settlements; he also puts his money where his mouth is. The members are asked to "strongly urge" their Senators to "reject Donald Trump's choice to be the next US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman". According to the organization's latest publicly available tax return, in 2014 alone, Friedman helped raise almost $2.3 million for this nefarious goal.

"A website connected to Friedman's fundraising group describes Beit El's institutions as "'facts on the ground' in the face of the global community's desire to uproot us".

Friedman also regularly resorts to vicious ad hominem attacks meant to demonize anyone who does not agree with his extremist positions. Friedman replied that he would support either a two-state solution in which Israel was recognized as a Jewish state, or a one-state solution in which all that state's inhabitants and residents would enjoy equal civil rights.

David Friedman, a bankruptcy lawyer and longtime friend of Trump, said he regretted calling former President Barack Obama anti-semitic and disparaging the entire State Department and large swaths of liberal Jews.

Friedman sat quietly during the disruptions, picking up on his speech from the point he stopped once the hecklers were taken out of the room.

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