United States bridges structurally deficient; 900 in Texas

United States bridges structurally deficient; 900 in Texas

United States bridges structurally deficient; 900 in Texas

The report says Texas has identified 12,048 bridges in need of fix, which the state estimates would cost about $2 billion.

If placed end-to-end, the nation's deficient bridges would stretch 1,276 miles, or half the distance from NY to Los Angeles, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) said Wednesday. They also tend to be much older - the average age of a deficient bridge is 67 years old, compared to 39 years for non-deficient bridges.

The chief economist for the ARBTA said the nation's highway system is "woefully underperforming". Among those in need of fix are the bridge at interstate 680 over Monument Boulevard in Contra Costa County, the bridge on 880 over San Leandro Creek, 280 over the Lawrence Expressway and 101 over Cordilleras Creek in Redwood City.

The report said it collected data from the 2016 National Bridge Inventory, released by the Federal Highway Administration in January 2017.

The department scores bridges on a nine-point scale.

Some bridges not on the list could use some work too, as the group claims 173,919 - or one-in-four - US bridges are 50 years old and are yet to have gone under major reconstruction.

The association's list is based on data from the Department of Transportation.

"Structurally deficient does not mean unsafe". Pennsylvania landed the number two spot with 4,506 structurally deficient bridges, or 19.8 percent of their total bridges.

ODOT said they inspect their bridges annually.

"The river bridges have been replaced, the Floyd Blvd bridges are in the process of being replaced, the Iowa 376 bridge is under contract to be replaced this year as well", says Schultz. Moreover, 13,000 bridges along interstates need replacement, widening or major reconstruction. This means the bridge does not meet design standards in line with current practice.

Bridges rarely collapse, but when they do the results can be catastrophic. In Tennessee, out of the 20,123 bridges, fives percent are considered deficient, according to the report.

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